Add Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) to your capabilities.

With our online training programs, you can confidently offer CRAFT to your clients and achieve reliable family recovery results.

Dr. Robert Meyers and Jane Macky CRAFT training.
Dr. Robert Meyers and Jane Macky CRAFT training.

Add Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) to your capabilities.

With our online traning program, confidently offer CRAFT to your clients and achieve reliable family recovery results.

Dr. Robert Meyers and Jane Macky CRAFT training.
Learn CRAFT Today

Why learn CRAFT with us?

CRAFT is proven to be the leading therapeutic approach for the almost half (46%) of Americans who are impacted by a loved one’s substance use or recovery today. It has been studied in at least 10 well controlled clinical trials and achieves reliable results.

Thanks to support from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), We The Village can now offer you the only clinically validated online CRAFT training program. Our program is designed and proven to equip you with everything you need to implement CRAFT in client sessions while maintaining fidelity to the CRAFT model.

Now with our online training, in this exclusive collaboration with Dr R.J. Meyers, it’s never been easier to:

  • Learn CRAFT from its creator Dr. Meyers
  • Receive training to begin confidently using the complete set of CRAFT skills with clients right away
  • Change the whole family trajectory and sustain family recovery, by working with just one individual client

How does CRAFT work?

You’ll help your clients learn and apply CRAFT skills to achieve these transformative goals:
1. Improve client wellbeing and functioning
2. Increase connection in their relationship
3. Influence a decrease in their loved one’s substance use and increase in willingness to engage in treatment
A screenshot of CRAFT training featuring Dr Robert Meyers and We The Village
  1. Short term
  2. Long lasting
  3. Proven effective
  4. Statistically reliable

What trainees have said...

"This program is a wonderful blueprint for clients navigating the difficult journey of the impact of another's addiction. It provides the steps needed to guide a loved one to recovery or treatment. Every loved one of someone struggling with addiction needs CRAFT!"

Leesa Starrett

LPC, Texas
Completed Self-Guided Program

"All content and delivery of the materials and concepts were provided and performed with the highest professionalism. I noticed large improvements in my knowledge of CRAFT, and the handouts were of great benefit, contributing to my increased abilities and competence as a counselor utilizing CRAFT in my work with concerned others who are supporting those living with addictions."

Alva E. Ward

APCC, California
Completed Self-Guided Program

"I felt the training was invaluable, I just received a referral for CRAFT, I feel so good knowing I can help!!!"

Dr. Joshua Tal

Clinical Psychologist, New York
Completed Trainer-Led Program
Completed Certification Program

"As a nurse working with opioid use disorder, I interact with families every day. We are considered on the front lines of the opiate epidemic, but it is really families who are the frontline defense. I completed the Self-Guided CRAFT training program and found the training I received to provide great value. In addition to pursuing further learning with We The Village myself, I intend to also pursue purchasing their digital training for three additional members of my nursing team who I work with so that they also gain the skills to support families, and ultimately patient recovery from opioid use disorder."

Addy Adwel

Assistant Nurse Manager, Washington
Completed Self-Guided Program

"I am so excited to finally be a certified CRAFT clinician! With CRAFT I'm experiencing such an extraordinary impact on the families I work with, and CRAFT has been met with great curiosity by colleagues who want to know my "secret sauce". I'm obviously very enthusiastic about CRAFT!"

Nancy Swanson

LMFT, California
Completed Trainer-Led Program
Completed Certification Program

"As a student that plans on entering the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counseling space within the next few years, this training was incredibly helpful for me. Since completing this training, I have begun an externship with an outpatient substance use clinic in Manhattan, and have been able to apply the CRAFT skills I learned with my clients there. Not only that, but taking this course definitely boosted my confidence in a therapeutic setting."

Alma Erickson

BS & MPsych (in progress), New York
Completed Trainer-Led Program

Our Training Programs

Dr. Meyers has exclusively partnered with We The Village to bring his CRAFT Training online.

Self-Guided Online

Asynchronous learning with self-paced micro-learning modules is easy to complete and apply. Trainees receive the complete introduction to CRAFT, with step-by-step guides to confidently begin using protocols in client sessions, right away.

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Trainer-Led Online

Trainees receive the perfect balance of continued access to all online training materials coupled with dedicated live group sessions with an expert trainer to discuss and practice CRAFT.

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CRAFT Certification

Pursue CRAFT certification using the exact process designed by Dr. Meyers, and join an elite group
of professionals ensuring high fidelity CRAFT services and increased rates of positive client outcomes.

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Our Training Team

Learn directly from Dr. R.J. Meyers, the creator of CRAFT, and depending on your desired practice approach, get access to the world-leading expert trainers in CRAFT.

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